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The Snooky Trust in Dawlish

Chris Snook was a popular and much loved resident in the beautiful seaside town of Dawlish, in Devon.

Chris Snook sadly passed away at the tender and devastating age of 27.

Seven years after Chris's passing, Chris's sister Caz decided to set up a charity in his memory, and try to help as many young adults in the area as she could, Caz also wanted to keep Chris's memory alive. Caz decided to call the charity The Snooky Trust Charity.

The Snooky Trust in Dawlish

In September 2007 the charity very nervously opened the doors of The Snooky Trust Charity for the first time. Caz didn't even know how she was going to be ableto afford the next month's rent but was determined that the forgotten age of "18-40" year olds should be helped in any way she could help them. Thankfully Dawlish responded well to the charity opening as The Snooky Trust Charity shop is the only charity shop in Dawlish that supports and helps the young adults in the town.

It wasn't long before The Snooky Trust Charity could start helping the young adults of the town and beyond, who were suffering from a physical illnesses.

All of the information and work that The Snooky Trust Charity does is kept 100% confidential by The Snooky Trust Charity. Many young adults do talk openly about the help that they have received from the charity, but also there are some that choose not too. The Snooky Trust Charity believes and embraces the young adults choice to 100% confidentiality.

The beauty of The Snooky Trust Charity is that is can help young adults in a variety of ways, by helping with rent and utility arrears, buying equipment to help aid an illness. Or sending young adults away for a break, a breath of fresh air away from all of the stresses and strains of their illness.

All Information can be found at The Charity Commission website: http://www.charitycommission.gov.uk

The Snooky Trust raises money by selling donated goods, we soley rely on the sincere kindness of the Dawlish residents, we are NOT a chain and The Snooky Trust will only ever have one shop.

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The Snooky Trust Charity helps 18-40 year olds with a physical illness of any description residing in Dawlish & Devon, completely confidentially. Please help us raise more money and awareness by donating and sharing.