Helping The Snooky Trust to Recycle

The Snooky Trust Charity Recycles old torn ripped or stained clothes, shoes, books, handbags, belts, under ware, blankets sheets sadly NO DUVETS. All of these items are collected from The Snooky Trust Charity on a weekly basis, The Snooky Trust gets paid for recycling and really does help us raise much needed funds.

The Rag which is collected from The Snooky Shop goes away to get bleached shredded and is then sent to the third world for blanket fillings.

The other way The Snooky Trust recycles is by using old Christmas & Greeting cards to make price labels.

We use donated carrier bags.

Thank You for stopping by ❤

The Snooky Trust Charity helps 18-40 year olds with a physical illness of any description residing in Dawlish & Devon, completely confidentially. Please help us raise more money and awareness by donating and sharing.