The Snooky Shop

The Snooky Trust Charity shop has been described by, many customers, as a proper true charity shop. The Snooky Shop is a minefield of such wonderful donations, all of which are donated by the Dawlish residents of Dawlish. The beauty of The Snooky Shop is that you never know what you will find, you can have a true rummage and most of the time find treasure.

The exterior of The Snooky Shop is very difficult to miss, as famous local artist, Brian Steffens painted the building with brightly coloured Sunflowers, which are the charities emblem.

The interior is quite young with a funky vibrant feel.

The Snooky Trust differs greatly to the well-known chain charity shops:
  1. The Snooky Trust charity does not waste money on price labels we make them from old Christmas, birthday & celebration cards which residents donate.
  2. The Snooky Trust Charity reuses old carrier bags which are also donated by the residents of Dawlish.
  3. The Snooky Trust recycles all unsalable and unwanted clothes. Ripped, stained and old clothes, shoes, bags, belts, hats are all collected for Rag, The rag is collected once a week, and The Snooky Trust charity gets paid for recycling which helps the Snooky Trust raise much needed funds.

Thank You for stopping by ❤

The Snooky Trust Charity helps 18-40 year olds with a physical illness of any description residing in Dawlish & Devon, completely confidentially. Please help us raise more money and awareness by donating and sharing.